Friday, 12 July 2013

Wheely useful resin wheels

Poor man's 4.7 Naval Gun Part 6
I've put this project on the back-burner while I wait for my brother's resin casting experiments to bear fruit. Well, I received a intriguing little parcel from my bruv this morning full of little resin goodies...

To recap, I'm converting a diecast Cresant gun into a mock 4.7 Naval Gun and part of this was my scratch build of the early 1900s era solid wheels. However, I wanted to duplicate the originals as I knew I would need them again in other projects I have in mind.

My brother is experimenting with resin casting and very kindly duplicated my scratch built wheels - as well as some other items - and I think he's done a terrific job (easily comparable to some commercial resin models I have bought).

What else will I use them for? Well, aside from the gun itself, I am thinking about scratch building a steam gun tractor.

In the mean time this access to resin duplication opens up all sorts of possibilities - for example, I have just sent up a couple of heads with custom hats I have just made for my Molaterian infantry project.

This post is part of my 'Poor Man's 4.7 Naval Gun' project - the complete series of posts can be seen here.

Photo from my brother of the casting process.


  1. Replies
    1. I think so. I've started sketching out a few ideas as well as doing some research on early steam vehicles. I have spares, so if you fancy some do let me know.