Sunday, 14 July 2013

New heads cast for Molaterians

My brother didn't hang about! No sooner had he received the two heads that I sent up - bedecked in their Romanian style hats - that he began the casting process...

As usual white resin does not photograph so well.
What will happen next is that he will send me back a few copies of these and then I will add the hats to different custom heads. I will send these back up to him and he will then cast the final working heads.

In the end I will end up with about 25 or so of these new custom heads which I will attach to my AiP Russians to make my Molaterian infantry. I think the officer's kepi looks particularly dashing!

Update: My brother posted up this photo of the progress of his casting today...

These are the prototypes he will be sending back to me so I can add my own custom faces...Progress!

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