Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Princess Elena's Light Infantry Regiment

I have been mulling over the idea of the uniform for my light infantry, the basis of which would be the Romanian infantry uniform of the 1890-1914 period. Well I managed to find a rather nice drawing of a soldier and officer of the Romanian army at the outbreak of The Great War and although it displays the rather more drab field-blue adopted during the Balkans War of 1912 it is quite indicative of the style - if not the colour - of Romanian uniforms from the 1890.

Pictorial source unknown, if you happen to be the
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It is a nice uniform, somewhat reminiscent of the later war French except that the lower ranks wore the distinctive Romanian 'capela' field cap.

I did some Photoshopping and drafted what the uniform would look like in Molatero colours...

This should be a very easy conversion job as the AiP Russian's uniform is almost exactly like this except for the hats! Even the infantry rifle is the same (the Russian Mosin-Nagant).

Now, where's my Milliput modelling putty?

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