Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Light Infantry test figures

Having received my resin heads with Romanian hats it was time to fit a couple of these to my AiP Russian bodies. My Molarian light infantry are loosely based on the Romanian army of the 1890s, the 1900 Russians being a very good base as they shared several items of equipment that were common to the Romanians.

However, there is some differences between the Russians and the Romanians, including the double breasted Russian style tunic and I will have to modify this. A simple job which just entails smoothing away the tunic button seam and replicating it with a central seam and pockets...

You might be able to see that I have already removed the tunic seam on the officer figure (in the foreground) and I will be adding a thin strip of kitchen foil to represent a new seam and pocket tabs. I also added a pin to help attach the heads to the bodies and will smooth out any gaps or jagged join with some Milliput putty.

Once I have any imperfections filled and modifications added I will start the painting of these two test figures.

Adding new heads to commercial figures is the next stage in move towards - eventually - producing a wholly original toy soldier of my own design. The next stage will be to add a completely custom head, including face, and then a custom body.

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