Thursday, 11 July 2013

Get a hat! Part 2

Having done the officer's hat it was time to attempt the tricky looking infantry soldiers hat. Based on the traditional Romanian 'capela' style field cap I found that this was a quite difficult shape for me to sculpt in Milliput.

Left: A reminder of what the Romanian 'Capela' hat looks like.

Now, as usual, white Milliput does not photograph easily (without setting up proper lighting), these snaps were the best I could do this morning with my trusty iPhone...

Now this is just my take on the Romanian capela, it's not strictly authentic (it's a bit too high). But my unintentional inaccuracy is - I think - quite pleasing really as it has the look of a authentic traditional hat, maybe just not the one I was going for!

I think I am happy to go with this look as a traditional Molaterian hat.

What next? Well, I now have to decapitate both my models and send the heads (and hats) up to my brother who is going to try and produce multiple copies for me in resin. The idea being that I then stick the copies on the rest of my AiP Russians, saving me a lit of conversion work.

Once painted I hope these won't look too bad.


  1. Great work ,things moving forward really well indeed!

    1. Thank you! Today is the scary bit - I cut the heads off to send up to be cast in resin!

      I'll need 20 capelas and I have been asked if I will be doing a batch of kepis too!

      ...It could almost be a hobby on it's own making alternative heads and hats for AiP figures I guess!