Thursday, 23 October 2014

It's been a year since I posted? Really?

I can't believe it's been exactly a year since I posted [a meaningful project] on this blog. A big surprise as I was actually enjoying this form of model making and collecting more than I was the WW2 vehicles I was doing at the time!

In the end, however, as I was a beginner to model making I decided that trying to attempt to gain mastery of two such different styles of model making was too much for my minimal model making skills. So I put my FLW interests to one side until I felt confident enough to be able to adequately model in either style and scale.

Well, I feel I am about there! I have made some quite pleasing progress with my basic modelling skills, and my basic painting skills, and so am dusting off my FLWs projects and reminding myself where I was exactly with this hobby.

I have a week off work next week, so that seems an opportune time to reacquaint myself with the quaint little principality of Molatero!