Saturday, 27 July 2013

Even more heads!

I know, you are fed up with seeing heads. But today's delivery from my brother's little resin factory marks a real bit of progress in my quest to make a completely original toy soldier. I now have a supply of heads - of my own design - to use in my sculpting and conversion projects...

As usual, resin is a pig to photograph, but this little sample of my Mk II heads get me off the blocks with the next phase of my grand project...

There is actually several things I can do with these; first of all I can convert these heads further - with differing expressions and facial hair - and then send them back up to my brother to have a 'variety sprue' of differing heads cast OR I can start to add them, as is, to my Armies in Plastic bodies. Just two ideas, but the head really sets the tone for any figure project.

Eventually, as my skills improve, I will make a Mk III head (and so on), but for now 'Albert' - as I have named him - will be the first part in my planned 1/32 body kit!

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