Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Want to get ahead, get a hat!

My first attempt at a hat with Milliput putty is this conversion of an AiP 1900 Russian officer to a Romanian officer (who will ultimately become a Molatero Light Infantry officer).

...On a side note I haven't quite decided what the collective term for a group of citizens from Molatero will be - Molaterians? (...Actually that was just off the top of my head, but I quite like it!) :)

OK then, my Molaterian infantry officer sports this rather dapper French style kepi, but of the more modern upright style as worn by turn of the century Romanian officers. This is a bit of a git to model in Milliput and I'm not all-together sure if I have the scale exactly right...It is a first effort.

Getting the darn thing symmetrical - working in 3 dimensions - is a challenge as each time I sanded one facet of the hat to get it straight or whatever I inevitably ended up sending another facet out of shape. So round and round I went!

The goal here if to produce a master which I can then send up to my brother so he can copy it in resin. I will undoubtedly need a few copies of this style of head/hat combo for various Molaterian officers in my army...

I'll have it copied as it is, pretty featureless - this is so I can customise the copies with different badges and decorations to represent different regiments. You might notice I gave my chap a better moustache as the AiP one was a bit feeble.

But now onto the far trickier Romanian infantry capella style hat! This will test my skills for sure.


  1. If you get mass production up and running I might be in a for a few kepis!

    1. Oh, good stuff! Bear in mind that this is the first one I've done (disclaimer!). I'm just doing the decapitation now, and I will have to make some sort of plug on the neck to make it easy to insert back into a suitably prepared plastic figure. But you will be more than welcome.