Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Slow progress for Harry!

I know, news from Molatero has been scant over the past couple of months, but things are busy busy behind the scenes believe me!

My brother has produced the first clutch of my 'Harry' sculpture in resin, and he is also now in possession of a fine new piece of photographic equipment with which to be able show off his work...

Now, I'm hoping to speak to him tonight and persuade him to send me down some of the prototypes so that I can begin work on some heads for Harry and some other arms (for different poses). But he also noted a few production problems based on the way I had made my figure which I will also have to rectify.

But, progress, albeit slow! But we are taking our time and hopefully this will show in the end product. :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year! Er, a bit late but hey ho!

Well, here I am dusting off my Molatero blog for the first time in 2014! Probably quite a momentous year for Funny Little Wars fans as we approach the centenary of The Great War (so I expect to see a lot of commemorative projects based on WW1 related toy soldiers).

Anyway, I am still - believe it or not - packing away Christmas decoration. My attic man-cave is awash with cardboard boxes into which I have to carefully put all the baubles, lights and tinsel and then somehow squeeze them back into storage for another year! The upshot of this is that it's almost impossible to get to my work benches at the moment in order to get some hobby work done.

However, luckily for me my Grinch-like brother had no such post-crimble fall-out and has been beavering away with my Harry sculpture...

The beginning of the casting process for Harry. It's all
rather exciting as my brother begins his magic!

'Harry' is my primary project for the first quarter of 2014. I hope to be churning out the first of my very own original toy soldiers within a couple of months. So, may the new year bring you all as much excitement as I no doubt have in store for me!

All the very best, Steve