Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mish-mash on the work bench!

I have found myself in the unenviable position of having several toy soldier projects going on simultaneously - so progress is slow. Trouble is that they are all very interesting!

There is my Black Hat metal French Infantry of the Line project, my Molatarian Light Infantry test figures project, my scratch built head test figure project and my first full body sculpting project!

Left: 'Albert', as I like to call him! This is my own scratch built head and hat mated to the Black Hat artillery figure's body. Looking very much like The Good Soldier Švejk, he is a proper little character, although the head is actually a little over-sized for 1/32 (hence the commencement of my Mk III head)!

The most intensive of these projects is, of course, the full body sculpt. I am just experimenting with armatures at the moment - the wire skeleton that supports the body - and as usual the quandary is what size to make it...

I am after a 1/32 size that is suitable for use with Armies in Plastic's figures - so that's on the larger end of the 1/32 side of things. But even though I am conscious of how I have over-sized my previous sculpting experiments. So this time I am going to try making my body a tiny bit undersized and see if that works.

...All this is driving me inextricably to the eventual and inescapable job of making a full soldier of my own original design. Though from my experiments so far I can tell that is going to be some ways off yet.

Still, keeps me out of trouble!

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