Saturday, 20 July 2013

Er, a whole lot of heads!

...Can't think of a suitable pun for this post, but the postman delivered a consignment of resin heads from my brother. These are copies of the custom Romanian headgear I made for my Molaterian light infantry.

My Romanian officer's kepis turned out brilliantly well. I really am pleased with these, my brother's done a fantastic job. Far more than I actually need, but I happen to know someone who will be very happy to have any spares sent their way!

The Romanian capela field cap was a lot more tricky to cast apparently, but he has sent me enough to get me started...

I will be detaching these hats from the heads and then transplanting them onto my AiP Russians. Once I have my own custom head cast I will start adding my hats to this so I have a totally original head/hat combo. But for now just getting the hats on my AiPs soldiers is good enough, my dream of eventually producing a complete soldier of my own design will have to wait! (Small steps eh?)

Well, aside from this, Ian also included a bag of miscellaneous heads for me to play with...The more the merrier. :)

So... Onwards and upwards - let's get on with my test Molatarian light infantry! Let's get some heads on shoulders.

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