Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sculpting heads! My first attempt.

I begun my first ever head sculpting session today! This is no more that a practise to get an idea of how I should go about doing things - I can see me doing several of these trial sculpts before I produce anything useful.

First things first, I needed something to sculpt onto - and it just so happens I had a spare bit of white Milliput which I rolled into a rough oval shape and stuck onto a cocktail stick last night...

When my base was nice and hard this morning I started to flesh out (excuse the pun) the basic shape of a 1/32 head with brown Milliput. The change in colour was because I have been finding it hard to make out detail with white Milliput...

Once the general skull shape was there I started to stick on small balls and rods of putty to represent the muscles and features in the face...

Tools were a cocktail stick and a sharp hobby knife...

And there we go. Not perfect by any means. The main problem I found was the propensity to over scale - I started with a  goal of a 1/32 head similar in size to those of the Armies in Plastic toy soldiers (for compatibility) but soon found that my head was quite a bit bigger.

It's easy to understand why this would be - it's simply easier to make things bigger.

So, my MK. II sculpt will be concentrating on getting closer to the scale I want.

Edit: Anyone else think it looks a bit like Patrick Stewart? :)

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