Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday Morning Tinkering

...I got a bit sidelined today. I was supposed to be catching up with some of my painting projects, but instead I made a little bi-plane!

The idea was to see what else I could do with wooden pegs as I am really enjoying working with wood. It's a very forgiving medium, but also very warm and organic (it's the 'arty' inner me coming out). I'm also enjoying making my own model designs from scratch (rather than buying someone else's models).

What started as aimless tinkering turned into a days exploration with wood and some of my new woodworking tools. And here's how it went...

The basic shape of a dolly peg, sanded to a point and a
cylinder of wooden dowel stuck on as an engine cowel.
The basic shape of the dolly peg lent itself quite nicely to a fuselage shape. So, the design kind of created itself really - there was no real forward planning...

All the component parts were either pegs, parts of pegs or commonly available wooden craft components (dowelling, beads, 'lolly sticks', cocktail sticks, etc, etc). I'm not as far as fabrication of parts from 'raw' wooden stock yet, but as I get more electric woodworking tools I may explore full-blown wooden toy making.

An amusing day - if a little 'off topic' - but, then I suppose this could be one of the first recruits for the 'Molatarian Air Force'! :D


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahaha! Oh yes...Fancy doing more of these. This was fun.

  2. Great looking plane! The front lends itself to a Nieuport and even a Spad with very little modification if you were looking to go WWI.

    1. Thanks. I've always fancied making some WW1 fighter kits, so this may be a good excuse for adding some 'historic' fighters to my display shelf. The French fighters were a particular favourite of mine! :)