Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday Update

Another nice and quiet Sunday where I can potter around doing some minor jobs (wife is sunning herself in the garden).

This week I'm hoping to make some headway by finishing off the cue of figures that need painting. So, to begin with here's a couple of primed figures that I've sketched the uniform detail onto ready for slapping some paint on...

But, mainly, I've been faffing about with my new Dremel drill Press. As I do more and more wooden projects I've ended up expanding the range of small woodworking power tools on my desk.

The Dremel Drill Press seemed a great piece of kits now that I'm trying to work out how to slot wooden components together. Not only is it a stable platform for precise drilling, the whole drill section can be flipped sideways a s neat little disc sanding station. :)

The dining room table isn't it's permanent home, you have to assemble the press and there was more space to do this on our big dinning table. The picture above shows the Dremel tool slotted into it's collar on the press and also a range of new drill bits I bough (cheaply) at Wilkos.

Disappointingly, the one thing the press didn't come equipped with was a clamping system for holding object firmly while drilling. It has slots cut out in the base for some sort of blot clamps but these are not included!

I, therefore, ended up having to fork out some extra cash on a small vice clamp...

This is the Yakamoz Universal Mini Drill Press Vise Clamp and it comes with fours screw in orange plastic pegs for holding irregular shape objects. I got use of this straight away as my daughter asked me to drill a hole in a small shell to make her a necklace...

This addition means that I am only short of two more power tools that I want to add to my modelling 'workshop'. I'd very much like a mini circular table top saw (for cutting precise angles) and a small lathe (for turning my own peg soldiers, etc), but these will have to wait as both items are fairly expensive.

Well, that's my Sunday. I'll get on with a little painting but I'm not rushing as it's back to work tomorrow. I may even join the wife in the garden - as it's sunny - and have a beer! :)

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