Friday, 1 June 2018

Peg US Cavalry, For Fun

Having worked out the technicalities of putting together a peg horse and rider, it's time to do a painting test. And, as this is just an experiment I thought it would be fun to chose a subject for my painting that's a little different from my usual theme of 19th century European soldiers...

As a kid, I was brought up on Saturday morning picture show re-runs of old Westerns and for young boy at that time the highlight of any 'B' movie Western was when the US Cavalry charged in to the rescue! :)

This coincided with my getting into plastic toy soldiers and a particular favourite of mine was Tempo's strangely creepy US Cavalry. So, as a bit of nostalgia I have had a go at recreating a soldier from the old Wild West...

In practical terms, this model should help me check whether my plan for painting in the rider's legs will work. Fingers  crossed!


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see it painted.

    Was it the faces that made the old Tempo figures look so creepy?

  2. I think he captured the feel of these horse soldiers really well. I look forward to seeing him painted.