Monday, 23 September 2013

Gilbert joins the team!

1/32 converted toy soldier
My 1/32 semi-scratch built come semi-converted Molaterian gun crew is starting to come together. The third member - Gilbert - has just come off the spray booth!

Gilbert's pose is a little more mundane as someone has to be working the gun! (It's not all beer and skittles in the Molaterian army!)

The paint job should be pretty quick and straight forward and then it's on to the final member of the crew, Cuthbert the Subaltern. As is the tradition in the army of Molatero he will be dressed slightly differently and be wearing the officer's kepi.

By this time people will be noticing the family resemblance between the crew members, so in my next project - my completely scratch build soldiers - I will be creating a set of alternative heads! :)


  1. I look forward to seeing Gilbert painted and ready for action.
    If it is not all "beer and skittles" what is it then?Nasty cheap read wine,salami and wild boar hunting?

    1. Transylvanian fire water, goulash and peasant girls! ;)