Thursday, 12 September 2013

Molatarian gun crew - Hubert

Having completed 'Albert' - based on my scratch-built Mk. II head - I have now completed the second in my Molatarian artillery crew based on the Black Hat figure in combination with my home-made head.

Hubert is a veteran gunner and as such has his particular priorities when it comes to the efficient running of a gun team. Coffee and Goulash, that's what keeps a Molatarian field gun ticking over!

While Albert was the straight forward transplant of my Mk. II head onto Black Hat's metal artillery crew man Hubert is a little more ambitious in his construction. Again I have used the excellent metal Black Hat body but then scratch built arms and further customised my head to give the figure a bit of personality.

The coffee pot and cooking pot were scratch built from plastic tubing and Milliput I had to make new hands as we. The whiskers are Miliput and the pipe is a piece of brass wire bent into shape and finished off with - you guessed it - Milliput.

Of course Hubert suffers from the same basic flaw as Albert in that my Mk II head is a little over-sized for 1/32. But as they - there will be four crew eventually - will all be grouped together in an independent team I think I can get away with the big head!

Well, next stop - painting Hubert!

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