Thursday, 26 September 2013

Suits you Sir!

My progress in my body sculpt is slow, deliberately so. I'm just doing a very small bit at a time, stopping, sanding back and then continuing again. So, unfortunately, despite hard work I don't have that much to show you.

I'm starting to build up the upper body, readying it for the tunic...

I've been doing some research in the background and I'm thinking along the lines of a uniform based on Romanian infantry from about 1890-1900. But I want it to be suitably generic enough to be useful for a variety of nations from that period (by simply changing the hat).

One of the things that I will have to think about is how I intend to attach the arms and head. I will have to make some sort of socket or peg arrangement onto which I can place the interchangeable parts of my figure.

Now at the moment my little figure looks like he's in his long johns, but this is just the basic layer before I start to detail the clothing (I will add the boots last by the way).  So I'm concentrating on getting the surface nice and smooth at the moment.

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