Friday, 20 September 2013

Body building, FLW style

Very exciting morning for me as the postie dropped off a little package from my brother. It's my eagerly awaited resin castings of my 1/32 figure sculpture, plus my 'blank' heads to go with it...

The resin versions of my first 1/32 figure sculpt

My first scale figure creation
This handful of resin 'blanks' will keep me occupied for some time. They will form the basis of my very first completely original toy soldier figure. But, there is still a lot of work to do before I churn out my first toy soldier.

The next stage in my production will be to clothe the body in the uniform of my choice and then prepare the neck and shoulder joints for the addition of my scratch built arms and head. I will be drilling out sockets to take my head and arms and then will sent the result back up to my brother for the 'dressed' figure to be copied in resin.

In effect all these 'blanks' are just my working armatures, not finished figures. But they are the basis of my production line - the tools that allow me to work on my original creations.

The skull will have features added and arranged into a 'stick' of four or five variations. This will then be sent back up for duplication in resin as well so that I have a supply of heads to add to my soldiers. It's all very methodical but hopefully be worth all the hard work.

Long term I would like to think that I can make something of a decent quality that others might like to purchase (and in doing so self-fund my hobby). But that's perhaps wishful thinking.

Having said that my brother is beginning to think of metal casting, so you never know - in a year or so I maybe producing my own modest line of metal toy soldiers!


  1. You're not building a unit of streakers then?

    1. Much to my wife's disappointment - no! :)

      She took issue with my anatomical inaccuracy! (But admitted that they had a 'nice bum'!)

      ...I did consider a special Molatero swimsuit edition! :)

  2. Interesting developments ahead ...I look forward to following the progress.