Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First 1/32 figure sculpt begins

Although I have had my own wire armature done for a wee while now I have been rather cowardly putting off actually starting the sculpting stage of the project. Well, last night I took the plunge and began to mark out the main joints and muscle mass areas using some Milliput.

As you can see from my main photo I have been using the commercial '54mm' armatures as guides to the scale of my figure with one new addition - I picked up a Historex nude firgure to help me with my anatomy. This looks a bit weird and raised a smirk from the wife, but it will be very helpful as the armatures are closer to being skeletons and I wanted a better idea about how a fleshed out body would look.

One problem I found - and this seems to be a constant theme - is that although the Historex says that it's figure is 54mm I found this figure a little too large. But as a anatomical template it is still very useful.

I will probably take my time with this first full figure sculpt, adding the body mass in small layers. I have let this first basic areas I have done dry overnight and I will next start to fill in some of the limbs and trunk areas.

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