Thursday, 26 September 2013

Emergency surgery

And it was all going so well! But it turns out that my figure is too tall for the scale*, and unless I want a regiment of 6' 8" soldiers I had to something drastic...

I have removed a small section of each leg at the knee and I will shunt to two halves together - loosing my chap about 4 inches in scale height. Obviously I will have to reinforce the join with wire to make good the join. And then I will have to do some cosmetic putty work to hide the join.

Let's hope it all turns out well!

*You may wonder why I only just noticed why my figure was too tall. Well, my armature was a little tall, I admit, but this became more obvious when I started to add the layer of Milliput. I had underestimated how much mass was being added by my modelling putty. You live and learn (the trick seems to be making the armature slightly undersized to begin with).

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