Thursday, 5 September 2013

Frankenstein's soldier

I am finding my mini-sculpting project very rewarding, creatively. The stop/start approach is bringing up some very interesting shapes, at this stage I have a rather nice arty looking semi-abstract shape!

Only vaguely anatomically correct, I just need the basic look of the human
body here as I intend to cloth duplicates of this figure in due course. 

Sorry that this appears a bit 'off mission' if you are a FLW enthusiast, but hopefully the project of making your own toy soldier from scratch will be of some interest to you. Bear with me!

I should explain my strategy of what I'm attempting here: Like my earlier 'skull' sculpt I am NOT making a finished toy soldier here - but rather, at this stage, I am making the tools I need to make a finished toy soldier. So , when finished, this body sculpt will be sent up to my brother to duplicate in resin, and I will cloth the duplicates with the uniform of my choice.

Next: Finish off legs and feet and decide how I am doing the neck and shoulder/arm joints.

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