Thursday, 6 June 2013

(Too much...) Burkish Delight!

Burkish Infantry project - Part 3
Had a bit of a lark this afternoon playing about with putty! I wanted a distinctive and unique character for C.O. of my Burkish infantry so decided to pad out one of the officer figures I have (having used another one for the flag bearer)...

Anyhoo, short story I have the makings of a portly pasha!

Unfortunately white Milliput is a pratt to photograph, so you might not
be able to make out the folds in his new jacket or his new pot belly!

I have to say I love working with Milliput and adding a couple of stone to my officer was very easy, but then - typically - I got a bit excited (and had some Milliput left over) so I decided to have a go at a big beard too.

Any resemblance to a certain Mr. Claus is purely accidental!

I want to dress him up with some choice accoutrements, like an officers sash, belt and some medals. We'll see how that goes, but I will have to wait for his belly to dry now! Hee hee!

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