Sunday, 23 June 2013

Painting by numbers...

Burkish Naval Infantry Part 14...Or something...
We are into the production line process now, and I'm finding it really relaxing!

You have to start by doing a little planning about your painting strategy, which layers you are going to put down in which order. The simple solution is to start on the 'bottom layer' and work up, so...

1. Flesh tones
2. Green (base)
3. Black (trousers and boots)
4. Orange (collar and cuffs and hat)
5. Purple (tunic)
6. Brown (rifle)

...Etc, etc...

Though what I am finding is that having painted the soldiers with a white primer I might have to give each layer ta couple of light coats (as the white tends to show through). But hopefully the white primer will make the brighter colours more vivid. We shall see.

Edit: (Later in the day) I'd just like to say that Tamiya's X-6 Orange acrylic is HORRIBLE to work with! :)

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