Monday, 24 June 2013

Many moustaches, Burkish infantry fashion

Looking like a meeting of the militant section of the Chuckle Brothers league, my Burkish soldiers are taking shape...

The Tamiya orange - as I mentioned in my last post - was a nightmare, it's like painting with PVA. It dries super quick which is a real pain when you are painting a unit like this. So I am thinking of trying out Vallejo paints on my next regiment.

I am on the last large block of paint now, the purple tunics, and after that it's smaller items and then detailing.

Next regiment:
I am already putting thought to my next regiment (or is it battalion, I forget the FLW rules) and will be moving on to the Molatero main force itself. I intend two regiments of line infantry, a Guards and a Jäger. Both of these will be based on the research I have been doing on Balkans Wars uniforms with my Jägers based on Romanians of the period.

From there I will move on to my cavalry support and then finally my artillery (then start to populate my general staff and auxiliary). But that's a long time off yet, in the meantime I await pay day and then will make my order for three boxes of Armies in Plastic's Boxer Rebellion Russians which will be acting as the basis of my Jäger unit.


  1. I've been admiring your Burkes for a while now and agree with you that Tamiya paints are hopeless for brushing with. Their thinner helps a little, but not much, as the pot evaporates.

    My paint of choice at the moment is ordinary acrylic emulsion paint, artist's gouache, or Docraft's" Artiste" acrylic paint ... but then I'm a rubbish painter :O)

    Kind regards, Chris.

    1. Hi Chris, glad you are enjoying my Burkes! :)

      I think the gooey Tamiya acrylics are designed more for airbrushing (intended to be thinned), I went out and bought a couple of bottles of Vallejo colours yesterday to try out, so we shall see.

      It's interesting to think about trying ordinary artists acrylics too - I have some in a draw somewhere, I shall have to hunt them out.