Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A coat of paint (get it?)

Burkish infantry part 16...
Well, it's the final large area of paint, the tunics. I painted the rifles first though so this is looking like a completed toy soldier. But not quite!

Aside from the fact I still have 18 more to get to this stage this, in fact, only marks the laying down of the base coat. In places it is still a little on the thin side with the white primer showing through - check out the grass green on the base for example - and so there will be a session of touching up to do.

The last phase will be the detailing - faces and buttons and buckles, etc - before I gloss.

I have to say that the Tamiya X-16 Purple is a lot nicer to work with, although in photos it tend to look more on the blue end of violet than the red end of the spectrum. For the rest of my Molatero regiments I may switch to Vallejo's 70811 Blue Violet which is a shade lighter and more obviously purple.

...Phew, 18 to go...18 to go...

1 comment:

  1. A very nice looking figure, if I may say so!

    Unfortunately whenever I have painted AIP figures, the paint invariably flakes. Are your figures more robust? Any tips to offer a fellow journeyman?

    Major Bogswallop