Friday, 28 June 2013

And on it's way - AiP Russians!

Winging their way from Transport Models of Preston are three boxes of Armies in Plastics Boxer Rebellion Russian Army China - 1900!

This will constitute my second FLW regiment, the first of my main Molatero infantry. They will be hastily decapitated and have new heads and hats fitted to make them look more like 1900 Romanian infantry.

The picture on the left represents a Romanian infantryman of 1916. The style of the uniform had not changed drastically since the turn of the century, except they had adopted an overall dowdier field blue and putties instead of long boots. Evident is the distinctive Romanian infantry cap.

During the Balkans war of 1912 the Romanians were still wearing a uniform where the tunic and hat were royal blue with red piping, trousers were black.

Obviously while mimicking the style I will be changing the colour scheme to something incorporating the Molatero colours of black, orange and blue-violet. Perhaps along the lines of what I have already done with my Burkish infantry - violet-blue hat and tunic, with orange trousers and black boots?

I don't know if my hand is steady enough to attempt orange piping on the tunic and hat, but I can but try!

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