Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Burkish bases, messy fun!

Part 11 (whatever!) of my Burkish naval infantry saga...
Well, with all the remaining soldiers lined up it time to add the bases. This is a nice messy bit and very relaxing - I simply glue the plastic soldiers to the little MDF bases and then add PolyFilla.

Now I found that working in threes is just enough time to lay down a rough layer of Polyfilla before it starts drying a little. By the time I have done the first layer on the second three it's dry enough to go back and start smearing out the first three. Too wet and the Polyfilla is horrible to work with - it sticks to anything - and you end up pulling off more than you put on!

So, do thing in stages and you soon get into a rhythm where the Polyfilla is just at the right consistency to work with as you complete one operation in the process. Soon you have a little production line going.

I tend to work from the outside of the base in, the last stage being the bit up to the feet which demands a little more care. Polyfilla produces a wonderfully random cracked earth effect...And it's cheap!

Music while Polyfilling? The Marriage of Figaro ("Le Nozze de Figaro"), K. 492: Act II - "Voi Che Sapete"...(Just right for slapping on stuff to!)

Boy this is relaxing. I stopped for a big mug of tea and a piece of apple strudel, ahhhhhh!

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