Monday, 14 October 2013

Heavy gun team complete

Huzzah! I have just completed my very first FLW unit! My Heavy Artillery team is all done and dusted and all that's left for me to do is do present them in all their glory. Phew!

Gilbert the Rammer!
Lt. Cuthbert - gunnery officer

I'm quite pleased with this set, I think Cuthbert in full uniform was the right choice as the contrast between the four characters makes the team look more authentic. I am definitely glad I went with this Belgian army inspired uniform - I was very impressed by some of the Belgian WW1 uniforms and I will be dipping into this reference source again no doubt.

I really have to give a mention to Black Hat Miniatures (UK) as the basic gun team figure is theirs, and it was a superb starting point for my conversion project. Big thank you to them.

Well, what now? I'll take stock and then decide which one of my back-log of projects to get on with - but finishing my first FLW unit has given me a bit of motivation. I hope you like them.


  1. "A fine body of men Sir., but can they fight?"

  2. All their glory- never a truer word.
    I do hope you press on with FLW soon.
    What about converting some figures as Staff Officers/Generals- a chance to be outrageous in uniform style and design?

    1. Now that's an intriguing idea. My AiP Burkish infantry have moved down in my cue of projects - but it would be nice to have some custom command characters to head up the new army!