Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Harry - A call to arms

Having finished Harry's body to a satisfactory level I want to make some quick arms and a head to act as 'scale templates' so while Harry is in Scotland being duplicated in resin I can continue with my work.

I'm not too worried about specific poses - just yet - I just want a couple of arms that are dimensionally and proportionally correct. So, I'm starting with my trusty - and nicely bendy - garden wire again (very cheap from Wilkos) to provide the 'bones' and them I'm applying a thin layer of Milliput.

I'll slowly build up the thickness of the arms until they take the form I want and then I will add the hands. The hands are the part of this project that worry me as I have always found doing hands - in my illustrations - most difficult. Doing elements which are so delicate at such a small scale could be very tricky indeed - especially to a beginner like myself.

Next: Hopefully not gorilla arms!


  1. I hope Harry has a good trip up North.
    Interesting previous book post - some very useful resources indeed.

    1. Thank you! I was very pleased with my latest reference book, it has inspired me to be a little more flamboyant when it comes to uniform design (by the time I get to my cavalry my Molaterian uniforms will probably have absurd amount of feathers and embroidery)! :)