Thursday, 17 October 2013

Don't hurry Harry!

Things don't always go right. The  first set of arms that I made for Harry turned out to be the completely wrong shape, so I ditched them and started again. Ah well...

This time I am taking my time and trying to do things properly. I had wanted to get Harry up to my brother this week but I don't see the point in hurrying things along as we aren't really on any sort of deadline (and he has his own projects anyway).

Left: I'm using Blu-Tack to hold the armature securely while I work on the arms. Once I have the general shape of the arms I will remove them and start sanding them down into a more finished state.

So, back to square one and this time I'm taking my time.

As you can see I have also cobbled together a temporary head in order to pin down a specific size for when I start making my own heads from scratch. It's a bit of a hybrid based on a Black Hat figure head and features and size taken from Armies in Plastic figures...

The Black Hat head is a good starting point for
a 1/32 noggin. It will allow me to visualise the
size and general shape I need to make my heads.

Black Hat and Armies in Plastic are the two figure ranges that I want my figures to be compatible with so it's important that my design can blend in with their models. The good news is that once I fitted the temporary head the height of my figure came to exactly 54mms - which translates into 5'9" in 1/32 scale, a good average height for this scale.

Onwards and upwards...


  1. Onwards and upwards indeed.All your effort will be rewarded with a fantastic figure I am sure...

  2. Many thanks, you are being very kind. I know that this project is probably on the very edge of what the average FLW enthusiast will find interesting and that while I am consumed by this very labour intense project I am not producing FLW soldiers, but I hope the result will justify the long slog...

    Ironically, I could have had a large part of my Molaterian army done if I had stuck to simply painting AiP toy soldiers! But, the satisfaction I am getting out of making my very own soldier/s outweighs the frustration of how long it is taking me to get figures on a table.