Friday, 4 October 2013

Body sculpt - Harry's new coat

I have decided that as I named my initial head sculpts variations of 'Bert' I should have a name for my initial range of body sculpts too. So may I introduce you to 'Harry' - albeit that he is still in the making!

Today I have some more minor progress to report - Harry is visiting his taylor. I am making up his tunic, you can see some of my pen lines in the accompanying photo indicating features to be worked on.

The belt was made from a strip of plasticard, pinned and glued in place to give me some reference of where Harry's waist would be. He maybe a bit on the rotund side, but I am greatly influenced by the figures of Black Hat who - I think - have captured the 'manly' Edwardian figure very nicely (barrel chest and thin ankles)!

At this moment I am working on the jacket collar. It's a bit over-sized as I have just laid down a layer of Milliput, but this will be sanded back when dry. He will also be given epaulettes.

Left: Amusing to think that this sculpt started out with my rickety home-made armature!

My influence for the design is the Romanian M1893 tunic, depicted in Osprey's 'Armies of the Balkan Wars 1912-13' (colour plate E1). This means I will be adding a nice row of shinny buttons, and the belt will be receiving a buckle too.

Now, I was going to add the appropriate webbing for the period too, but have now decided I would like a figure without webbing, I will have my brother duplicate this in resin and then add the webbing to a freshly copied resin version of my mannequin. This is so I have a range of uniforms from the one sculpt - with and without webbing - so I can model both infantry and auxiliary soldiers.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!


  1. Liking Harry a lot- keep up the splendid work!

    1. Many thanks! He's taking shape, it's getting more exciting the closer I feel I get to completing the body. Of course, then I have to start the arms and some heads too. :)

  2. Very good body style. Reminds me of an English Archer or one of Robin Hoods 'Men in tights'. Keep up the good work!

    1. LOL...It has that look at the moment. Hopefully when I get around to doing the jack boots it'll look less like a elf! :)