Saturday, 12 October 2013

The melting pot cometh!

Good news from my brother - the little elf who is busying away with all the clever production stuff that I don't understand! Thank goodness for a technically minded bruv who is taking possession of a Lee Production Pot!

He's been making some terrific progress with his investigations into metal casting and has even tried out the process with a commercial mould made by Prince August...

Ian picked up this Prince August mould on eBay quite cheaply and the
quality looks superb. Believe it or not he used a second hand pewter
tankard as the source of his metal!

However, ever the perfectionist, he has decided that the ad hoc 'kitchen hobby' way of doing things wasn't the way to go and he wanted something a little more sturdy for working with molten metal (and something less likely to end up setting fire to him and his house)! Hence the Lee pot.

The eventual goal is for him to cast 'Harry' in metal. Obviously this is a long term project as poor Harry hasn't even got arms or a head yet - but knowing my brother he will spend a lot of time now perfecting his new skill until he is satisfied with the process and the quality of his castings.

...In my head, though, I am starting to think of the prospect of a metal Molaterian regiment! One can but dream.


  1. Things get even more interesting...
    I await the metal castings with increasing excitement...

    1. Oh, don't hold your breath! :)

      I was supposed to have finished Harry's body and have it up to my brother this week, but I'm STILL filing and sanding away at him. And I'm just starting to look at how to construct arms and - the nasty bits - hands!

      BUT even before Harry becomes immortalised in metal he will have to go through a couple of processes, including being cast in resin so I can add the webbing and other custom accessories that will make him specifically Molaterian.

  2. The road goes ever on :)
    But it will be worth it I am sure!