Friday, 25 October 2013

Let's talk rotten civvies

One of the interesting and creative parts of the FLW hobby is the creation of a backstory for your 'imagi-nation', I've certainly enjoyed jotting down a 'History of Molatero' (I must post it up at some point). And like any real nation our little creations go through all the social unrest and upheaval that typified the history of the 19th and early 20th centuries, for although they get little mention our little armies must have little societies of civilians who keep the home fires burning.

Late 19th century Europe was a hot-bed of sedition, revolution and social unrest and so it goes without saying that - at some point - the antagonists in our FLW may very well end up being our very own civilian population!

Of late I have noticed, as I trawl around the Ether-net, that a few fellow toy soldier enthusiasts have added civilian figures to their collections - for one reason or another. These may be intended as 'militia' or irregulars but might very well be used for civilian revolutionaries, anarchists or armed criminals.

Over at '...Little Englander' blog the author has featured a lovely set of 42mm 'rabble' and writes that "...the Maltovian National League (MNL) have organised and armed themselves".

I believe these are from Irregular Miniatures 42mm '19th/20th Century Civilians'. Link to the web page showing these is > here < - though, sadly, Irregular Miniatures still uses 'frames' for it's website so you will have use this link > Home < to view the site navigation (Grrrr, damn frames)!

Naturally, I hoped that we 54mm scale collectors might have something similar that could constitute an embryonic 'citizens' army' and quite by chance I came across some quite useful figures over at the 'I Like the Things I Like!' blog...

Now these are 'Toy Soldiers of San Diego' plastic figures and are meant to be figures for use in an Alamo scenario. But I think they could be easily converted with later weapons if needs be, should your time frame be the later 19th century. In fact, quite usefully, these figures come with 'plug in hands and weapons' so the modification process should be quite straight forward.

Sadly the range isn't as varied as the Irregular 42mm range of figures, but with a little creativity one could mix and match these with some of the more 'generic Victorian' looking TSSD 'Wild West' figures to make a nice little militia rabble. (I feel a new project coming on!)

So there you go, Comrades - should you wish to shed the yoke of tyranny and overthrow your Monarchist and Capitalist oppressors - or indeed instigate some anarchy - then you might want to seek out some of these figures...

> Irregular Miniatures web site

> Toy Soldiers of San Diego web site

...Oh, and if you happen to know of any other civilian ranges - particularly in 54mm - then please do let me know!

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  1. Molatero civilians/rabble/ revolutionaries I imagine in kit like ww 1 Bulgarian type clothing like the chap on p 118 of the WW1 Funken book Vol 1...don't know where you'd get the figures tho...
    BTW Harry is moving on sooo well- well done sir!