Tuesday, 16 April 2013

FLW - Poor man's 4.7 Naval Gun Part 5

Dispatch from the Burkish Ministry of War: Today representatives of the Burkish General Staff visited the armament works of Ware-Armatage in England to oversee the progress of the very latest heavy artillery to be procured for the Pasha's Grand Expeditionary Force. This weapon will undoubtedly consolidate the already enviable reputation of the Burkish Marine Infantry and constitute a fearsome force, one that will bolster the Army of Molatero in it's quest for peace and security.
The Pasha - treasured  friend and
strong ally of Molatero

I've finished the plasticard 'disguise' for my conversion project. I decided not to go over the top with detail - it would be all to easy to start banging on rivets and what-not.

I'm really pleased with the boxing-in job I did with the original split carriage. It changes the character of the gun all-together and makes it more early 1900s looking (I think). The wheels obviously help a lot too in this respect.

One thing I did notice - now I do have an actual Britains' 4.7 gun model - is the discrepancy in scales between Britains and Crescent  Both are suppose to be 1/32 - I believe - but the Crescent's 5.5 inch gun is a lot more slender than the Britains' 4.7 inch gun. So I may have to dub my poor man's 4.7 as a poor man's 4 inch gun instead!

Anyway, job done and now it's onto the renovation of the Crescent toy itself. I want to strip off the old paint and give it a new coat of Humbrol N0. 50 Brunswick Green and then paint my plastic parts to match. Then it's a case of putting the two together.

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