Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Base for plastic soldier - Part 2

Haven chosen my bases - Supabases MDF 50mm x 25mm - I decided to get down to trying one out to see what they looked like. The Armies in Plastic soldiers have a slightly bumpy textured base and I wanted to incorporate this, or at least hide it if I couldn't replicate the design.

I super glued the soldier to the MDF base and then roughly daubed on some Polyfilla onto the base, covering the original AiP base...

Looking at this it seems a little big, but I have to remember that this particular soldier is mounted on one of the medium sized AiP bases, some have a larger foot print. I also placed this soldier off center as I didn't want his rife sticking out to much.

I will now paint the base - and change the green to my final choice of orange as the contrasting colour - and this Burkish Marine Infantryman will be complete.

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  1. I thought the lime green fez was good, but the tangerine is excellent. For anyone that thinks that military uniforms don't come in '70s acid fashion colours, I would refer them to Portugese and African berets that I have seen in Mustard, Lilac and Peach colours.

    Kind regards, Chris,