Tuesday, 2 April 2013

FLW - Second Britains' 4.7 Naval Gun arrives

OK, I admit it - I don't understand the vintage toy market! Today I received my second classic Britains' 4.7 Naval Gun, another eBay bargain. This particular example comes boxed, not that that really maters to me as I intend to use it as a toy, but it's nice to have the original box anyway.

What was more useful to me was that this item was described as 'pristine' and despite having learnt to take eBay descriptions with a pinch of salt now I found that when it arrived it did actually look almost new. Only one small chip in the paint as far as I could see, and bright and shinny and new looking otherwise. I don't think it was ever played with by the looks of the breech.

In superb condition, this example of the '4.7' seems to be a late production
model (from the 1970s perhaps). It is lighter than my older 4.7, and the
construction is modified and less of it seems to be one-piece cast.
As I said in my post about my first 4.7 (which is play worn) I cannot understand the wildly fluctuating prices that these toys garner on eBay. I picked this one up with a box in near mint condition for a nice sum, and yet I know I could pop it back on eBay straight away and get double the price or more - it seems to be purely down to luck sometimes (and how good the seller is at describing and titling their item - as I only found this item with a more general 'diecast toy' search rather than the more sought after 'Britains 4.7 gun' search term).

Anyway - bemusement at eBay aside, this is a wonderful second gun for my Funny Little Wars heavy artillery battery and once my Crescent 5.5 inch gun conversion is done this unit will be complete..Aside from crew that is.

I am still struggling with my medium gun battery - all the Britains' Royal Horse Artillery guns (No. 1201) seem to have disappeared from eBay at the moment. But I will bide my time.

There is added detailing in the gun shield in this (presumably) late production
model and you may just be able to make out the split in the two-piece barrel.
I believe my other 4.7 has a single cast barrel. The lightness of this toy
makes me think it may be cast in aluminium?
Postscript: One of the things I have been trying to nail down since I started this side-interest in diecast toys is exactly what green the Britains' toy gun are. I want to know so I can repaint the ones I am renovating.

I've looked at a few different greens in the Humbrol enamel range but have found that Britains seems to have changed their shade of green over the years. The new gun (above) seems to be almost exactly Humbrol's No. 3 Brunswick Green, but my older 4.7 is a much more olive and darker green.

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