Wednesday, 3 April 2013

FLW - Poor man's 4.7 Naval Gun Part 4

The Crescent 5.5 gun with it's split carriage
opened and ready to fire
I'm on to the last major component of my poor man's 4.7, the gun carriage. The original Crescent 5.5 gun was a modern (WW2) design with a split carriage designed to unfold into a stabilising 'V',  while the 1900 artillery piece was still influenced by Napoleonic gun design.

At this point the single piece carriage was the norm and the Britains' 4.7 gun reflects this, so my faux 4.7 should have this feature.

Basically I will be hiding the 5.5's split carriage by covering it in a plasticard shell, boxing it in to give the impression of an Edwardian heavy gun carriage. I'll let the photos tell the story...

Of course I will tart this basic box up a bit with some additional detail, but I will show this at the final put together. You'll notice I have already started to disassemble the Crescent toy ready for the next stage where I repaint it, I'll use the Nitromors to strip the old paint first.

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