Saturday, 20 April 2013

Supabases from

Having tested out my painting for 54mm plastic figures I have been searching the web for some suitable bases. I like the idea of a uniform base and wanted something rectangular that would fit my Armies in Plastic soldiers.

Well I seem to have found exactly what I am looking for over at, they sell a range of MDF bases of a variety of sizes including a bag of 50mm x 25mm ones which are ideal for me.

I measured up the bases of the Armies in Plastic, which are a random variety of sizes to suit the figures stances and the result was variety of dimentions that, at their biggest, fitted within the 50mm x 25mm size (or 2 inches by one inch if you prefer).

You get 36 bases in the pack for £3.95 and while I suppose you could make these yourself cheaper by buying and cutting up a MDF sheet - can you really be bothered? (I can't!)

I am going to stick the soldiers to the MDF bases and then use Pollyfilla to make an undulating textured surface to match the AiP bases. They should look very neat when I'm finished - we shall see!

Link: - Supabases MDF Bases

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  1. Most of my 54mm infantry are on 30x40mm mdf or card bases. I don't bother with the texturing though, just paint.
    Coincidentally this is the same size I use for a lot of my 6mm toys for NBC & Megablitz....
    It's the same but different!