Monday, 8 April 2013

Molatero mechanises! Circa 1904 automobiles

Old news really but I wanted to have it noted in this blog. Last month I snapped up these two early 1900 motor cars models. Made by Arko in 1/32 scale the represent a 1903 Ford Model A (front) and a 1904 Cadillac Model B and are quaint examples of combustion engine technology of this period.

I liked the idea of them as staff run-abouts as they are a bit different to the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that appears to be the default staff car in FLW collections. The proliferation of Silver Ghosts seems to be because of the ease of which one can pick up a vintage model of the vehicle - there are usually several Airfix and SMER kits knocking about eBay at reasonable prices.

Anyway, I wanted to reflect the rickety nature of motor transport at the time and have to admit that the inclusion of picnic baskets on the side of the vehicles - for the champers! - swung it for me.

The question now is do I paint them? And if so in what colour?

A generic military green would allow me to utilise these cars in any army I intend to field I suppose, but I have the urge to deck them out in Molatero Purple or black!

PS - Whilst looking up Arko on the web I found another lovely car which I would like to add to my small fleet, it's a 1904 Buick Roadster. An ideal mount for the dashing Prince Vallzack III!

...But this will have to wait until next payday now.

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  1. Nice cars. I have an old (plastic kit) Ford A too. Given that they are so nicely turned out I'd be tempted to leave 'em as they are.