Monday, 6 May 2013

Burkish Naval Infantry - final uniform scheme

My poor long suffering Armies in Plastic Turkish infantryman has gone through several colour schemes while I tinker with the idea of a Burkish uniform. My latest modifications are the change from the contrasting colour of green to a vivid tangerine...

Additionally, I painted the base and gave my soldier a more middle-eastern complexion with a coat of Vallejo's Light Brown.

Obviously, after it's multiple repaints its getting a bit tatty now but I think I am happy with this scheme and so can get onto painting my very first FLW unit. But there is still one thing I haven't decided upon, just how to get that vintage glossy toy soldier look...

Which gloss?


  1. Ronseal outdoor clear gloss. I've just adopted, replacing B&Q quick drying gloss. It's smelly and takes a while to dry but is very glossy indeed!