Saturday, 17 March 2018

Portable Wargame Project - Bases

Having been impressed with Mike Lewis's Portable War-game demonstration game, I thought I'd like combine my current peg-soldier making with some unit making. I'd love to see a whole unit of my peg-soldiers together. So...

I found some nice laser cut MDF bases - in a wide range of sizes and shapes - at

I've chosen some regimental trays that follow the unit composition as used in Mike's demo (6 troops per infantry unit) so got some 2 x 3 25mm circular base trays to go with a few packs of 25mm bases.

Additionally, I thought I would try out magnetising the trays and bases. Though, stupidly, I bought 3mm deep trays when I've been using - and am happy with - 2mm deep bases (so I had to order some 2mm trays, what an idiot).

Anyway, this will be a first so I hope the magnetising works out, and anyway it'll make storing and transporting the units easier. (The 5mm x 2mm Neodymium rare earth magnets are also available from

I have it in mind that I'd like to try out a Franco-Prussian War themed game...All I have to do now it make the peg-soldiers!

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  1. I tried that, but found rare earth magnets almost too strong.