Sunday, 2 March 2014

It's not all about making stuff I guess!

Long story short...I forget that this hobby is as much about collecting as making and I have neglected to post about some of the stuff I have collected to use later as part of my Molatarian army.

Take this horse pulled carriage that I found on good old eBay. I'm not sure who made it or what it represents, all I know is that it is 1/32 scale and provides a good mode of transport for our beloved monarch King Vallzack III.

Being the senior Vallzack, His Majesty is something of a traditionalist and a horse and carriage of his type seems more fitting.

It's a nice diecast carriage, the horse team is plastic, but I am intent on changing the colour. I nice sober and magisterial black is my choice, and I may replace the heavy nags - which seem a little more suited to a beer dray - with a couple of more eloquent horses!

Update: Found this model on a model farm website - it's by SIKU and seems to be discontinued now.

Anyhoo, this will make a nice centrepiece for my general staff element of my army. The real challenge will be making the driver, His Majesty and his 'companion'. :)

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