Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Update on Harry! Shaking a leg...

OK, so I admit it's taken me a long, long time to shake off my Christmas modelling funk. But maybe the Spring weather has given me the boost I needed as today Harry (Pose 2) is finally seeing some progress!

Left: 'Harry' in his Pose 1 incarnation.

Just to quickly recap; my 'Harry' figure - my very first original 1/32 sculpt - will eventually consist of three body poses - 'At Ease', 'At Attention' and 'Firing'. The 'At Ease' (relaxed or walking) pose was the first pose to be completed, but now I am working on the second pose - an important one for toy soldiers - 'At Attention'.

(Once all three body poses are complete I then have to work on a selection of four or five heads and a variety of arms.)

The 'attention' pose shouldn't - in theory - be too difficult as the right leg of the 'At Ease' pose is already straight and ideal for a standing straight posture. So, it should be just a case of making a new straight left leg...

I began - as you can see above - by amputation poor Harry's 'relaxed' left leg. I then removed his boot, discarding the leg from the top of the boot upwards, and inserted a metal wire into the boot. Then I reattached the left leg again.

Using the right leg as a template I hope to mirror the leg's design so I end up with two straight legs.

As usual I will be using white Milliput putty to remake the leg. I start with a roll of putty and then will add the detail of the trousers.

Once I have two legs I may have to remove both legs from the body again to re-center them and place them closer together in a typical 'at attention' (heels together) pose.

Fingers - or do I mean legs - crossed! LOL ;)

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