Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lycra not required! 54mm cyclists

Perhaps a little late but here's a little heads-up on a nice article in February's edition of 'Toy Soldier & Model Figure'. Written by James H. Hillstad, 'The Bicycle in War and Peace' sketches out a rough history of the bicycle in civilian and military use

I know it's amusing to think that bicycles were, in fact, taken so seriously by the military at one time, but practically every major nation at least investigated the idea of a bicycle unit as a cheaper and easier alternative to cavalry. Many invested heavily in the new-fangled contraption in order to increase the mobility of their infantry regiments. Indeed, until motor transport finally replaced horses wholesale during the Second World War bicycles remained one of the most cost effective ways to move troops around (when movement by rail was impractical).

I am very interested in this notion, particular where the bicycle was utilised as a means to transport heavier team-crewed weapons like the Maxim. Mr. Hillstad's use of toy soldiers and figures to illustrate his history of the bicycle is delightful and is an inspiration.

My copy of 'Toy Soldier' was bought from as I like to have my magazines available for various devices and have to option to print out articles if I wish.

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  1. I bought the mag because of this article some time ago.I loved the picture you have popped in.I would so like a trike,maxim and figure like this to paint...