Thursday, 8 August 2013

Horizon Blue Chasseurs Alpin

Chasseurs Alpin 1913
54mm Metal French Alpine Hunters (Project 7)
I have been toying - if you will excuse the pun - with the idea of creating a small all metal army. While my main interest is building a large 1/32 plastic FLW Molatero army I can't resist indulging my interest in the French army of 1900.

With a view to eventually assembling an Army Horizon Blue I have been buying a few sample toy soldier and this month I received a section of Chasseur Alpin from Dorset Soldiers.

These marvellous little traditional toy soldiers come with separate left arms which are attached by means of a shoulder peg which slots into an arm socket. It's a pretty noticeable means of fastening and I don't think I will try to hide it - by means of modelling putty - but make it an intrinsic part of the toy.

Scale-wise they should match the other samples I have purchased from Irregular miniatures.

The Alpine Hunters were first raised in 1888 and are notable in that they are believed to be the first ever formation to officially adopt the beret. The uniform comprised a loose-fitting dark blue jacket and blue-grey breeches...


  1. Very nice indeed - now stop trying to tempt me!

    1. Now come on Mr. Gow...You don't need much tempting do you? ;)