Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer vacation

Well, it's that time - the annual summer holiday.  So no more blog updates for a couple of weeks. All that's left to say is I hope you all have as enjoyable time as I will be having!

I'll leave you with this oddity...

This is a skull I am working on. It will form the core of my forthcoming 1/32 Mk. III head sculpture.

I *think* that I have the scale right this time (third times the charm) and so once I am completely happy with the shape of this skull I will pass it to my brother who will duplicate it in resin for me. This will then become the basis for my head sculpture attempts.

Bereft of features I can start with a blank canvas and build up different faces on top of it, while knowing I am working with he right scale consistently.

I've measured this up with a variety of 1/32 heads and once the flesh is applied it should match Armies in Plastic, Airfix, HAT or, indeed, Black Hat metal toy soldiers.


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