Friday, 16 February 2018

Peg Doll Test - Part 2

Nice to get painting larger scale figures again and because this is a simple cartoon design it's been very relaxing too. However, there was a serious purpose to this test and that was to work out whether acrylic paints were the best medium to use to get that wooden toy, high-gloss look.

I blocked out the main colour areas and that was enough to give me some worries about the acrylics I was using. These were my normal Vallejo modelling acrylics, but at times I found them too thin to cover well on the porous wood of the peg, some colours requires two or three coats to get the flat opaque colours I wanted...

So, I will try out another test with a more craft orientated acrylic paint (which seem to be a little thicker). The up side of this is that craft acrylics are a lot cheaper.

Anyway, I still have things I want to try out on this figure. chief among these is the outlining of the colour blocks - cartoon style - with a thick black Sharpie marker...

Actually...I didn't have a Sharpie thin enough so stupidly used a normal marker which proceeded to bleed and run when it hit the acrylic paint!!!

I had to go over several bit repeatedly to hit the runny felt-tip so this isn't quite as neatly drawn and painted as I had hoped. But, there again, this is why we do test models isn't it? (Now I know.)

All I need to test now is how the figure looks with a coat of gloss varnish and if all goes well I can start planning a proper peg doll project...I have several ideas! ;)

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