Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I remember...

In fact, this is not an abandoned blog. It's just that the past year has been a bit of a funny one filled with a multitude of life events in one rather uncomfortable package! (I won't bore you, but suffice to say I've had a lot on my plate!)

Anyway, as it happens I've just been doing some work that has reminded me how much I enjoyed painting 1/32 scale figures, so I thought I'd post it up as it seems vaguely relevant...

This 1/32 scale British WW2 Tommy is, of course, a good old Airfix figure. I was using it to test out some painting techniques and colours for a 28mm figure project that I am planning.

After doing this happy little chap, I did consider maybe carrying on and doing a few more from the 'British Support Weapons' set that I have (I recall buying it so I had some 1/32 Vickers .303 machine guns to tinker with). But, I can ill afford yet another diversion.

However, it has caused me to get out some of my 1/32 Molatarian figures and stick them back in the project cue, so that I have some variation from the WW2 themed models that I am starting to amass.

I still prefer my flat 'toy soldier' painting style for my Molatarians over the shaded technique shown above. But, it's interesting to compare the two styles....

>Dust blown off blog! <


  1. Hope the coming year will be better for you ans good to have you blogging again.

  2. Life can serve up a whole lot of poop sometimes, but lets hope 2017 is better for you. Cracking painting, but I agree with you that block painting toy soldier style suits 54mm figures best.

  3. Big thank you for the kind words...Don't want to tempt fate, but hopefully 2017 will be a better year. You never know what life will throw at you, though. Ah, well...I'm still smiling.