Sunday, 10 November 2013

Harry finished!

Huzzah! After much fettling, prevarication, modifying, re-modifying and re-re-modifying, I now have 'Harry' in a state that I consider 'as good as I'm going to get' (...Without playing about with the model for another 3 months)!

The final 'tinkering' phase was set in motion after I hosted my 'work in progress' on the miniature sculpting forum - 'Planet Figure'. I received some very helpful feedback from a member of this community of sculptors and as a result I smoothed out Harry's torso so that his rather over-muscular chest was not so prominent. And I am happy with the result.

As usual, each modification or revision has a knock-on effect, and I ended up having to slightly modify the shoulders, back and arms to accommodate the new profile.

Right, so - revisiting my 'plan' - the idea is that 'Harry' is the 'master' figure for a series of figures that I am calling my 2013 'H' figures. The procedure from here is as follows...

  • 1. Harry is sent to my brother in Scotland where his body and arms will be duplicated in resin - these will provide me with a set of 'working models'...
  • 2. The resin 'working models' will be used to produce a set of basic figures in a range of poses, i.e:

    i. Harry - 'At Ease' or 'Marching' pose
    ii. Henry - 'At Attention' pose
    iii. Harold - 'Dynamic' (firing or 'loading') pose
    iv. Hector - 'Sitting' or 'Riding' pose
  • 3. While all this is going on I will also be producing:

    i. A set of five original heads based on the dimensions of my 'template' head (based on a cross between the head of a 'Black Hat' company figure and the head of an 'Armies in Plastic'/'Airfx' figure.
    ii. A selection of alternatively posed arms.
  • 4. Once these three separate original body groups - bodies, heads and arms - come together I will have my 2013 'H' series figure collection, ready to put together to make whatever toy soldiers I might want!

Hopefully, I will end up with a 'tool box' of basic figures that I can further modify into differently clad and equipped soldiers.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Fascinating plans and you have a great Harry there. I look forward to following hs journey towards multiplication...

    1. Hi Alan, many thanks for you kind words as I have progressed with this project. It really has given me encouragement.

      The multiplication stage should be very interesting! :)

      One of my most immediate goals is to create a 'mountain artillery team' of four 'Harry' clones once I have the main poses done...And then?

      Well - my brother is experimenting in casting metal, so who knows Harry's progeny may be available for those who are interested. :)